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Science Backed Nutrition

At Reliv, we believe in our products. That’s why we actively seek out research scientists to conduct studies to evaluate their efficacy and why the number of scientific studies of our products continues to grow.  It’s part of our commitment to keep Reliv on the forefront of advanced nutrition.

The cutting-edge ingredients that Reliv carefully selects for our formulas are clinically proven effective, so we figured that our own synergistic combinations would produce even better results. Turns out we were right.

Our scientists combine advanced research, leading-edge manufacturing and laboratory technologies, and rigorous testing to create uniquely effective formulas. This commitment to quality and innovation permeates everything we do. And with LunaRich®, the first epigenetic superfood, Reliv has become The Nutritional Epigenetics Company.  In fact, Reliv is the technology leader in the development of innovative wellness products based on the emerging field of nutritional epigenetics.

Reliv has received strong endorsements from thought leaders throughout the nutritional world. With more than 30 years of leading the nutrition industry, we continue to push the envelope in new and exciting ways and actively seek out undiscovered possibilities for advanced nutritional solutions.

Reliv’s foundational scientific philosophy — the Reliv Difference — has proven to be a superior approach to supplementation. Combined with a commitment to stay on the cutting edge, this approach enables every Reliv product to deliver results. 

Joy Organics

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At Tippy Organics, we love helping people be their best physically and mentally. That is why we partnered with Joy Organics. They create clean, USDA Organic Certified Premium CBD products and ingredients as well as top-performing efficacy technology.

Why we trust Joy Organics?

Joy Organics is the only recommended brand by the “father of biohacking” Dave Asprey. It was an intensive screening process to earn that title. Grab more details about Joy Organics as well as Dave Asprey’s favorite products below.

How CBD can help?

  • Better night’s rest

  • Quicker recovery time from workouts

  • Improved mood

  • Increased mobility with fewer aches and pains

  • Overall optimized wellness by supporting the endocannabinoid system

Why Joy Organics?

  • USDA Certified Organic Salves and Tinctures

  • Only clean ingredients

  • Enhanced bioavailability with our nano softgels

  • Consistent quality

  • Full transparency with detailed lab reports available online for each product batch

  • Broad and full-spectrum products available

  • USA-grown hemp

  • Family-owned business

  • Non-GMO

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As we age, a barrage of stress and environmental toxins inundate our daily lives and weaken our body’s defenses. As a result, our normal cellular function declines, and with it, the body’s ability to produce and maintain a proper balance of pro-oxidants and antioxidants. This unbalancing process is called oxidative stress and it leads to aging, inflammation, and immunity issues. A healthy diet, exercise, and using ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling supplement can help keep us in balance. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a reminder for all of our associates and customers that Reliv, Joy Organics and ASEA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Reliv, Joy Organics and ASEA do not make any claims that its products prevent or cure COVID-19 or the coronavirus, and any claims that they do are a violation of our company policies and are prohibited.