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6 Crucial Skills for Active Aging

Live a life worrying less about your aging years by knowing more how to take care of yourself

Learn more about these skills so you’ll have a productive and happy lifestyle. 

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In this guide you’ll learn:

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What are the needed skills to equip you so you look forward to your aging years.

How to be proactive rather than wait for things to happen before you take action.

Why shouldn't you overwhelm yourself and worry about getting older if you have the choice to live a wonderful life.

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Hi, I'm Tippy Missick

My passion and expertise are to help individuals over 45 to embrace the aging process and enhance their lives through movement and mobility. Why?


Because, I’m an Active Aging Specialist and my focus is on reducing the risks of injuries and falls. This is one of the main problems of aging individuals that I want them to prevent and overcome because they deserve to live a great life.


I have over 43 years of experience in the fitness and exercise therapy industries and have served my clients through Personal Training, Fall Prevention, and Post Rehab Fitness. 


These decades of my experience show my commitment and dedication to hone my skills and expertise.


I have been seen sharing my fitness expertise on WPBF, PBS, and HCTV and have received many awards for my services including Dr. Theodore Kalogris Humanitarian Award, Parks and Recreation Excellence in Recreation Programming Award, also a Resolution for Service from the NH State Senate. 

My sponsors include Reebok, Nike, Avia, and Fields Hosiery. I’m grateful for all the support and recognition granted to me.

My passion, expertise, and desire to reach and serve more people have brought many opportunities for me to become an Author, Speaker, and Digital Fitness Professional. I’m happy to serve more people in related opportunities for them.

I continue to share my enthusiasm and wellness knowledge in a variety of communities including Corporate Wellness Centers, Senior Retirement Communities, and many Municipal Recreation Departments in the U.S.

I have been blessed and now it is my job to bless others and teach them how to create the future they desire. After all, it’s in the power of our hands to shape the future we dream of and deserve.

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I have known Tippy for 12 years. She is a qualified Fitness Trainer. She helped me personally recover from an intracranial bleed/hemorrhagic stroke. I found her to be compassionate, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and personally I had a significant benefit through her assistance.

Dr. Thomas Hoerner
Orthopedic Surgeon


Tippy is very dedicated to helping others, as a former work colleague, I found Tippy to be honest and sincerely interested in the helping others. Most importantly, she has a great sense of humor, always makes a person feel important, and has an uplifting personality.

Greg Padgett
Broadcast Meteorologist


I made this guide because I want to help you with:

Having a holistic approach to achieve an active aging by knowing the 6 crucial skills.

Knowing more on how you can prepare things ahead for yourself and your family to lessen or avoid risks.

Understanding basic skills you might have missed out or not yet aware of which are important for your active aging.

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